Combine the durable contemporary look of optical grade acrylic with the time honoured warmth of wood.

Our acrylic display cases make an ideal complement to modern décor.

The clear display cover is made of optical grade acrylic which is UV stabilized and will not craze or yellow in sunlight and will protect the display case contents from fading.

The thickness of the acrylic sheet is determined by the size of the case.

The base frame is produced in solid oak, ash, mahogany, yew or pine and hand polished. The interior can be covered in top quality jeweller's suede, veneered to match the solid wood base frame or have a mirror to reflect the underside of the contents.

Acrylic Wall Cases

Produced to any size, our acrylic wall cases use the same quality materials as our free standing models. The back of the case may be in oak, ash or mahogany. The acrylic shelves are T' slotted into the back making them removable. The front cover can either be lift-off or for further security be fastened by unobtrusive brass screws.

Fish displayed in arylic cases Free standing acrylic case
Acrylic clock case Model cars in acrylic wall case

Railway display case

Acrylic clock case

Acrylic model display case

Acrylic display case



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